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Dandy is a new monthly NIGHT CLUB dedicated to the Dandy in it's many guises - Heavy on the Foppery wit extra Large helpings of Macaroni. Brought to you by Kitty Diggins Presents and taking place at Safari Sam's in Hollywood California. Dandy is an asthetic escapade which seeks to inject some Joy de Vivre and Veuve Clouquet back into the tired old world we have come to be. Expect a carefully selected mixture of ingredients enveloping vast expanses of culture and fun which embody the late 1800', 1900's the 20's , and Glam Rock era's. This is Baroque au GoGo ! Divine Decedance at it's finest with a severe pointy tongue planted in the cheek ! Check your snobbery at the Door!

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corrupt and decadent in an age of enlightenment

Greetings! What a coincidence, dear Ides; I followed you through your post on glamourbombs entirely on a whim, and stumbled across this quite perfectly delightful, if rather vacant, community, with your post not a day from the current date. Possibly we shall carve out a niche here, or better yet, entice others? I am possessed of a number of acquaintances who, shall we say, may also find this environment to their tastes.

...forgive my paucity of vocabulary, for I arose rather early this morning. Perhaps I shall take tea, and return later, to witness what conversational developments may unfold.

Devoid of all loquaciousness,
Wainwright H. Arkadios

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I must have originally landed upon this when I vainly tried interest searching ‘baroque,’ the, as I imagined, least potent accumulation of anything on livejournal through which I might find a scant number of affinities. Least potent because it is something that might nearly define me (though I do protest the idea of a settled definition by nature), and I tend to beat myself into obscure corners, by myself. Normally I disregard idle communities, but this one seemed the quintessence of perfection…now if only it would stir. Whether to indulge in amusing historical anecdotes, accounts of our own decadence, or simply talk on anything and be allowed to do so because we at least all shared one common manner to begin with. Hearken to me!

...::pauses, feeling vaguely gauche.::

My name is Andrusha. I am also partially inspired to write this because it has been approximately 106 degrees for the past week, and it is not recommended that anyone go outside.

I believe, if baroque is to be made new, it is a matter of seeing reverse comparisons, as our contemporaries do not take joy in the intricacies as our forbearers once thrived on. Where orchids used to be like mouths, our poetic means to survival would be to see mouths as orchids. Allow me an excerpt; it’s been in my ears for at least a month now.

'He did, however, enjoy sitting on a park bench and gazing at the tall, slender Parisiennes in their sheer silk stockings. He effected an air of knowing sophistication. Yet when he actually managed to meet a girl his own age, he lost all ability to talk to her...not daring to think profane thoughts about the women he saw the street, Lev decided their silken legs reminded him of the slender prayer towers of Istanbul.' The Orientalist.