Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote in new_baroque,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

corrupt and decadent in an age of enlightenment

Greetings! What a coincidence, dear Ides; I followed you through your post on glamourbombs entirely on a whim, and stumbled across this quite perfectly delightful, if rather vacant, community, with your post not a day from the current date. Possibly we shall carve out a niche here, or better yet, entice others? I am possessed of a number of acquaintances who, shall we say, may also find this environment to their tastes.

...forgive my paucity of vocabulary, for I arose rather early this morning. Perhaps I shall take tea, and return later, to witness what conversational developments may unfold.

Devoid of all loquaciousness,
Wainwright H. Arkadios
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Oh my. I am all for it.

How I do wish I could adopt this community and turn out a pretty layout for it. I had already made a banner.

As a side, I must know why you should answer to Princess Myshkina (and on Tuesdays and Fridays, no less).

Dear Andrusha, Ides and Purl. :)
Ah, the premise behind that, I'm afraid, is nothing so particularly highminded. I must confess to an intense penchant for the animated series Noir, a rather foreboding and emotionally grisly, as the medium goes, tale of two assassins; the (altered) reference to Prince Myshkin is from said series, via, of course, one Fyodor Dostoevsky. (In my idler days, I also ponder, on and off, a novel-conception in which the lead character is a girl named Myshkina.)

As for Tuesdays and Fridays: quite simply, I am of the Discordian persuasion (a notion inclined to incite riot in such higher circles, I fear; were it not for the fact that we of the neo-gentry are almost singularly eccentric, and furthermore, that that is being, of course, the whole point), and the aesthetics of Tuesdays and Fridays appeal to me; after all, who of sound mind likes Mondays ever so, and as for Wednesdays, well, that is closing day for most public libraries, and no more need be said of that. Thursdays are agreeable, to be fair, but ever-so-mildly dull (save, of course, for last Thursday, which was Bastille Day, and eminently enjoyable to say the least), and weekends, while suitably decadent, are on the whole a little gauche....

I am rather fond of your banner. :3
And I am rather in love with you.

Though, regarding days, I do in the very least like the sound of Wednesday. Consonates are underrated.

But seriously, do you think we should recreate this community elsewhere? Then we could do some real tinkering. flatter me far too much.

And, yes, that would simply be wonderful! No one seems to be using neo_baroque at present, if we were to want that - I keep misremembering the community name as such, myself - or we could think up something entirely different.

Possibly we should also leave some notification in this community of where we have gone, so that others who come after may more easily find an active community?
Yes, I'd been thinking we should leave notice, too.

As to names, we could try something like baroque_nouveau, since 'baroque' is a French word to begin much as I dislike flattering French. Or perhaps barocco? Of my two suggestions, I personally like this one best. I just looked into the etymology of baroque, and it seems to be derivative of the Italian barocco, meaning 'imperfect pearl.'